Wednesday, May 18, 2016

InstaLove: Jessika Petten

Hello and happy hump day MC babes! We promised in our InstaLove post on Thursday of last week that we would be doing a post about Jana's sister, Jess, in the near future and the near future has arrived!

Jess, like Jana, is a fellow newfie and dear friend of ours who does amazing hair and make-up looks on Instagram. The easiest way to describe her is a magical unicorn in human form and describing the face art that she creates does not do it justice, so I'll just show you a few pictures instead:

This look was created around the lipstick which is appropriately named 'Alien'
This is a candy heart look she created for Valentines Day this year
This look was inspired by the release of Melt Cosmetics' new neon stack   

This is just a random magical creation

This winter wonderland look was created with homemade snowflake stencils and an airbrush

This masterpiece was inspired by a Dear Rouge band poster Jess saw at their concert venue in Montreal 
See what I mean? There is so much truth behind the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" because I'm not sure I could even string together more than two words to describe these looks. Usually I'm just speechless, with my mouth open catching flies, while I go through her Instagram feed. 

When Jess isn't busy creating works of art on her face, or travelling the world, she is busy with one of her many business ventures including: Best Kind Bakeshoppe (a bake shop that creates incredible cupcakes and other sweet treats), Retro & Rebel (vintage/second hand clothing from around the world), part-time hairstyling, and modelling for Figgyduff Dory (her sister's Newfoundland inspired line of clothing and apparel) and us. If you're ever wondering who is in our promo pics, either on our website or on our social media accounts, it's always Jess or Jana.

Jess in our Summer 2015 promo on the left & our Spring 2016 promo on the right

So, if you like insanely cool face art (aka make up looks), travel pics, tattoos, cupcakes and fun, you really need to give this girl a follow. 

Here is a breakdown of everything Jess does and the Instagram accounts where you can find her:



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