Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring is Coming to Model Citizens This Week!

Hello Friends! Happy Monday Everyone!

So, we are post awards season and post February doldrums and I can safely say that this is the first week for MC to focus on Spring 2011. We are bustin' down the walls in MC soon and bringing in our Spring stock this week. Look out for great transitional pieces, layering to make spring dresses more wearable and for outdoor gear. New jewelry, new accessories- MC has what you want!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gwyneth Paltrow and Calvin Klein

Gwyneth nailed it at the Oscars tonight! She looks like a Sexy Astronaut but in the best way possible. This is my new favourite dress, and Calvin Klein may have the two best dresses of the night (Jennifer Lawrence). So minimalist yet striking and modern. Calvin Klein is such an architect in design and taste, love it, love it love it!

Mila Kunis Brings Romantic Back

I think this is my favourite look of the night- so romantic and beautiful. Mila Kunis is wearing Elie Saab  and everything is perfect about it- the colour, the sexy touches juxtaposed with the romantic nature of the gown. 

Cap Sleeves and Coverage

Michelle Williams (Chanel) and Amy Adams (L'Wren Scott) are both rockin' the sweet, minimalist vintage styled cap sleeves. Loads of sparkle and glitz, but covered and modest. Very appropriate for the occasion and so sleek. Michelle Williams is wearing Chanel and is totally reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn...

Mandy Moore at the Oscars! Perfection

Mandy Moore looks ethereal in this jewel encrusted dress. Mandy Moore impresses me so much, it is amazing to think that she was the first version of teenie-bopper crap in the 1990's and she has evolved into a bright, well spoken, intelligent actress and artist. Maybe there is hope for today's youngsters....

Calvin Klein Collection Makes Me Drool...

Again, the minimalism vibe on the red carpet this year is fantastic and no one does it better than Calvin Klein Collection. The neck and colour of this dress (worn by Jennifer Lawrence) is very 1990's Calvin Klein and reminds me of Kate Moss. So happy to see subtle, yet rockin dresses. Very vintage, now that the 1990's are considered vintage!

Photo of the Day! Vintage Rompers and Grandpa Cardigans

Our New Spring Stock Will Be Here This Week!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spring is... Coming!

I can't speak for the weather, but Spring is starting to bloom here at MC. Don't worry, we've still got a great  selection of cozy cardigans and sweaters... that are perfect for pairing for patterns and lighter fabrics. Layering people, it's happy place. Even if you keep the merino sweater on all day, you can smile knowing you've got a bright, floral cami underneath.

Flower's are starting to grow to- I'm working on new arrangements of felted, and fabric flowers as we speak. I'm so pleased with the new metal hardware I have been using. Hair pieces now come in the form of  headbands, pinch clips, bobby pins, french barettes, and as soon as I finish some experimenting, combs! I like to keep every piece as special and possible. Each piece is carefully cut, and complimentary accents of pearls, beads, crystals, etc. are added. If you see something you like, but have things you'd like to change- like a different piece of hardware or the same arrangement in a different color- just come find me around the store- i'm in from Tuesdays to Saturdays 10-6p. Or, if you have a brand new idea but are lacking (or just aren't interested) in the crafty side of things, I can work with that too. These handmade accessories have been the perfect touch for many occasions- weddings, cocktail parties, or just because you're cute. I'm working on the photography and will have pics up soon! 

And, I have to give props where they are due. Chels and I did a little iTunes shopping to freshen up the sounds of MC. We figured we might as well change that too while we were at it- no winter blahs here!! Really digging the new Cee Lo Green album- his soulful tunes and throwback vibe make a pleasant switch on a playlist with the often dance-y Florence and the Machine. Others to frequent the MC playlist are Mumford and Sons, Hey Rosetta!'s "Seeds", Rae Spoon and the occasional Fleet Foxes. It's good times here at the store, i'm always rocking out. 

It's back to the drawing board for me! Remember if you're in a pinch for the perfect outfit for Saturday night, we can probably help you out with that one- AND we have parking on both Duckworth and Water! NO long trots in the rain! Yayyyy

ML xo

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Boogie Nights~ Sophisticated 70's for Spring

*Above featuring Elie Tahari, Marc Jacobs,  Pucci, Anna Sui, DVF Spring 2011

The difference here is this Bohemian look has a trust fund- much more 70's Socialite. This past Fall’s version of Bohemia is seeping into Spring in full force and but this time is luxe to the max. Maxi Dresses, designer leather messenger bags and satchels, crème accents, long silk dresses with clunky Frye/military boots and oh course supple leather jackets. The 70's vibe also includes a sheer neutral palette (creme, blush, grey, mushroom) AND natural, vintage camel colours. But be sure not to forget the 70's Glam in evening wear with shimmery fabrics and plunging necklines. 

And of course macrome, lace and crochet of the 70's- it is back in a big way in day wear. 70's jean dresses and wideleg high waisted jeans are back as well. High neck blouses with big ruffle detailing match with these jeans perfectly. Finish the look with circular sunglasses and a huge wide brim hat and clogs.

One 70's look that is going to be a huge transition for all you fashion forward ladies is changing the helm lines. The skirt helm has gotten so much longer for Spring and I am over the moon about this. Calf lengths are in baby! Begone the super short skirts that only 16 year olds can pull off. This longer helm line is  more mature, sleeker and more chic. Pairing these helm lines with motorcycle boots or sweet sling-backs can make any girl look and feel put together but also that effortlessness that is always so desired. Even us short girls can rock that helm line.

Model Citizens Vintage Photo of the Day!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Video of the Day

I don't know what Jay-Z sees in him...

Model Citizens Photo of the Day!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Model Citizens Photo of the Day!

Model Citizens New Product!

Model Citizens is making new awesome felted headpieces. We have sweet bobby pins, alligator clips, side combs and headbands- made by our own Mari-Lynn Taylor! Come and see our wares today!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm totally cool

Like the self praise in the blog title? Thought so. Hope everybody had a lovey-dovey V Day! Mine was fun, I went shopping (love towards one's self is necessary sometimes, and yes, I did do the boyfriend dinner thing last evening)!! With one more holiday down, and the calendar days quickly being crossed out we are getting close to spring! I know, there's sleet outside. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts!!

So yesterday's shopping. I have to admit it. I'm really digging the military inspired footwear of right now. According to the Spring/Summer 2011 footwear forecast the trend for him and her is here for a few more seasons, so I sucked it up and took the plunge. Yesterday I was out browsing. I don't do it in person very often since the internet doesn't involve battling the elements, but it's cool to see what's out there! Every selection of shoes I looked through, from the super cheap to super pricey, featured heels, boots, flats, even sneakers with a military influenced style.
Normally i'm a fan of girly practicality. I love the idea of those bright and intricately adorned Gaga heels, but even thought I work with fashion all day long the idea of wearing those for a day is unfathomable. I do like cute flats in solid colors, bows, flowers, and sometimes even sparkle. For a heel, I prefer wedges in suede and leather, minimalist in design. For boots, I have always chosen flat slouchy boots with a touch of 80's meets moccasin. My latest purchase (above!!) is a little edgy for my normally super girly look, but what a smart purchase!! Comfortable, and they just look so freakin' cool. The laces are super long and do the whole wrap around the boot twice thing. I'm still teaching myself how to wear them but I am starting to see that it doesn't involve dressing unlike me! Lots of options- paired with tights and simple dresses or layers- cute and practical. Worn with rolled boyfriend style jeans- urban cool and comfortable. I never thought I was cool enough for this style! Turns out you just need to try 'em on! Five minutes after I saw these on the shelf, it was a done deal.

Well, have an awesome Tuesday and remember to be a Model Citizen when dealing with the snow ;)
xo, ML

MC Photo of the day

Model: Nicole Fiander
Photo Credit:

Monday, February 14, 2011

Fantastic New Handmade Note Cards by Two Guitars!

These new stationary sets are fantastic! We love the handmade stationary and the price is just as sweet! A set of 6 note cards is 15.00!

For Valentines Day or any day, it is great to have some cool cards on hand to share with friends!


What a sweet array of goodies! Fluffy Co Wallets ($22), Love Scooter Valentine Cards ($15), Ishy Sterling Silver earrings (diamonds) ($28), Model Citizens own felted rosette headband ($18.00) and Larque Rosette Earrings (peach, $16.00)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Model Citizens "LOOOOVES" Music!

Up till Valentines Day, Model Citizens is going to feature loads of the "LOOOVE" songs. This is one of my favourites!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

MC's Current Inspiration- Our Favourite Spring Colour Palette

This colour palette is the inspiration for Model Citizens' Spring 2011 offering. We are returning to girlie, ballerina pirouettes and fanciful elegance this Spring. Bring on the champagnes, creams, blushes and pinks. Layers of lace and frou frou frills topped with the sweet accessories makes us want to swoon!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Check Out Stella McCartney's Spring and Summer 2011

Sheer and Cashmere, Yum.

Happy Friday people! Just figured I should add a photo to go along with my blog post yesterday. Like I was saying, i'm really into layering. All year round. This outfit may look a little chilly for the zing that's in the air right now, but don't forget the parka and huge scarf ( and hat, and mittens, and maybe even a second sweater) that you would be likely to wear if you were going out to attack that zing! Anyways, for inside wear this top ensemble would work just fine. In fact this outfit is a great alternative to the typical Night Out wear. Pair it with a slim dark denim and a fun boot!
If you're like me you have often dreaded those nights out dancing in winter because you're not sure what to wear so that you don't freeze or boil. By boil I mean if you like to dance down low and hard to tunes like Old Time Rock and Roll... ahem. Anyways :).  Pairing a silky, pretty, sheer-ish top with a cozy cashmere cardy will not only help you keep the heat , and still look cute as a freakin button, giving you the option to add or remove the cardy at any point of insane dance breakout. You also get to turn your Spring/Summer faves into year round favorites!

Anyways, it's the weeeeeeeeeekennnnnnnd!!! We've got stellar duds ATM (and always :) )!

ML xxx

* In this pic: cashmere/wool BR cardigan over a vintage Victoria Secret lace top in a petit rose print. Vintage quilted leather bag with chain strap in navy.

MC Vintage Photo of the Day- The Beautiful Karyn Inder

We Love MC Card Available

Just a reminder that out "WE LOVE MC" membership card is still available for purchase at any time at Model Citizens. This card entitles you to 10% off every purchase, exclusive promotions sent directly to your email and 5.00 off of any alteration that you get done in store. It really is a wicked deal and will only stay at 10.00 for a short time. Gte yours today and save!

If you purchased a card at our last sale and you didn't get your card, pop down today as we just got the reprint of the card finished.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's February, People!

February is most notorious for Valentine's Day, but this February has me excited for different reasons. Winter and snow are lovely, but personally I like Spring most. Now we are one month closer and my mind is on Spring fashion (while I sit here in my knee length knit cardigan and boots). Spring is such an exciting time when it comes to close. There are nothing but warm days and flip flops in the future, but I like the sweet crispness in the air that still allows for jeans and and brightly colored ballet flats. I love the idea of throwing on pretty tops and bright accessories in all of those fun sunny colors.  Sadly, we are not quite there yet.
Here at Model Citizens we pride ourselves on being able to offer clothing that relates to the weather of right  now. In a lot of retail stores, by the time the first snow has fallen, sweaters and cardigans have long since been reduced and sold out and replaced with tanks and swimsuits. Not only is that inconvenient, it's depressing!! People love coming here to find that great Winter sweaters and wool skirts are still loud and proud. However, soon you'll start to see pops of colors and shapes throughout our fantastico stock. Not to jump into a season before we're ready, but just as a reminder that sunny warm days WILL come again...and most cute Spring tanks still look snappy with a warmer cardy in cashmere or merino wool. 
This brings me to my latest thought- mixing "out of season" tops with warm, Winter staples. This is Newfoundland people, we're never out of season- we've been known to experience all 4 in one day! I think it's important to dress weather appropriate, but if you're layering anyway why not throw in a bright color or Spring print? Not only will it create an easy i-just-threw-this-on-and-i'm-fabulous kind of look, it might even lighten the Winter blahs! 

Until next time, Happy February, and wear Happy Colors!

ML xo

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

MC's Look of the Day!

Both flirty and friendly, this look is sweeter than sweet.

Model Citizens Vintage Photo of the Day!

This was our Alice in Wonderland shoot a couple of years ago and this photo has always emerged as my  favourite. Nicole Fiander rocks in this 1950's Juniors Vintage Dress and Brian Ricks ( knows how to capture the image perfectly.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Vintage Photo of the Day