Monday, October 31, 2011

Marni Fall/Winter 2011- Chelsey's Picks!

This 40's inspired dress is so effortlessly chic. The colour palette is right on for Fall/Winter. Luxurious and that pattern has so much depth.

This is how you wear black beautifully. That effortless oversized vibe is still present and it really is such an interesting combo of tough glam rock and roll and uptown chic

I am such a huge fan of the all over patterns this Fall. D&G, Rodarte, Erdeme- lines are really rockin' the patterns. This is also spot on with the vintage throwbacks that happened this Fall across eras.

This colour palette really does it for me- so 70's curatins. The cut is just so refined. I also like the heavier shoe used throughout the show- I am so sick of seeing glittery platforms.

Halloween Post: Cookie Monster and Tom Waits Mash-up

Tom Waits sometimes sounds eerily like Cookie Monster. Not that I mind! I happen to love Waits and his carnival barker's growl! In honour of Halloween and Tom Waits new album, "Bad as Me" that was just released, Here's Cookie Monster's rendition of Waits' "God's Away On Business".

Sunday, October 30, 2011


MC COSTUME BLOW-OUT! Monster Mash Costume sale 

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Shout Out From Halifax Mag!

A fantastic review of Model Citizens from Halifax Mag!

Check, Check, Check it out!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Bright, Bright, Wintery day!

 Today's fashion trends seem to be more and more transitional from season- think nude and neutral color palettes, lace touches, and the fantastic androgynous aspects that we have especially been seeing through pants and footwear. All of these trends seem to be on the horizon for F/W 2011. I was feeling a wee bored this summer because while I have been digging where we are at with fashion, I wanted something new.

 With winter (quickly!) approaching we fear lack of color. While deep jewel tones and neutrals did indeed trot the runways, I was ultra pleased to see that we do NOT have to lock up our corals and tomato reds! Sky blue and brilliant purple were mixed and matched for some intense color blocking, while radiant fuchsias and cobalts paired beautifully with rich, luxe browns.

 Much of the same can be said for fabrics. Silks are not limited to summer days. While the runways sported silk one piece pantsuits and dresses,  fewer things look more fabulous then an unexpected pairing of fabrics. Leather + Silk + Wool = Delicious.

 So when you walk in our doors, you will find a vast array of colors, fabrics and designers, and pieces from exciting times in fashion. Experiment with them! And if you're feeling like you'd like to try something different from you normal, come chat with us! We are always equipped and excited to play dress up with you, and help you find a look you love.

Happy Friday! xxoo ML

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Starting to Think about the Holiday Dress Season? We Are!

It is never too soon for us to start thinking about our formal wear for Christmas. In July, we begin to try and hoard all the Christmas cocktail wear and floor-length gala gowns we can get our hands on. We have some beautiful items for your holiday season and we are just getting started!

This great Reiss dress that Clare is wearing is perfect for a holiday cocktail party, work party, gala or for a night out on the town. The beauty about the Christmas season is that you can guarantee that people will always going all out! This season, look for lush velvets, hot LBDs (little black dresses), baroque details and accessories and as always sequins, red, green and over the top!

Take great vintage elements, like the ever popular fringe dress and bump it up with accessories for the season. If going with a style like this for the season, make sure you are going somewhere with a lot of dancing!

Sequins, sequins and more sequins- just because it is Christmas!

Photographers: Brian Ricks and Adam Penney
Models: Clare Asquith and Kerri Burton

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Model Citizens Pic of the Day! Vintage Love

Model: Ian Cornelissan and Sandy May
Photog: Brian Ricks

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Girl with the Pink Balloon: MC's Photo of the Day!

Kerri looks positively adorable in this awesome tomato red vintage dress. This 1950's frock is military inspired, yet still fantastically feminine and girly. We paired it with a heavy bootie but it could easily take a vintage Ferregamo flat or a subtle vintage Bally pump. We wanted to toughen up the look with a heavier shoe.

Model: Kerri Burton
Photographer: Brian Ricks

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Model Citizens Photo of the Day: Monster Mash Costume Sale

70's disco queen: Leona Molloy
Photographer: Lori Moss

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Model Citizens Photo of the Day! 80's Dress Done Right!

I love this photo of Nicole Fiander. Her hair, the dress, those gloves! 
Nicole is wearing an 80's black dress with vintage sliver glitter gloves and vintage Bally pumps

Shot by Adam Penney



Where, you ask?

How long?
Tuesday-Sunday 12-5 or by appointment

Awesome costumes at awesome prices. All from NYC and range from theatre costumes to crazy vintage. You don't want to miss this!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

MC's Fall Recipe: Lorie's Delicious Bread

This is a recipe from my Mother-in Law and this is the best, healthiest bread that you can make. Makes excellent toast! Don't be afraid of all the ingredients, it is well worth it!

Model Citizens Member Newsletter! Promotions Inside!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Great Muppet Video for a Fall Day!

Model Citizens Photo of the Day

Model: Jenn Brown
Photographer: Brian Ricks

This outfit is so cute I could eat it with a spoon! Shorts can be hard to wear in our climate but luckily, tights can prolong their seasonal life! This outfit is just too cute with the leopard platforms, vintage 70's kids shorts, Sneaky Fox cream tights and a silk vintage blouse. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Inspiration for Mens Fall Fashion- 5 year old Sam

This photo is of my husband, Sam on his first day of school in St. Mary's, Ontario. I was looking through our Model Citizens pictures for a topic to write about and I came across this adorable photo and it got me thinking. Sam is dressed in exactly what MC's guys like to wear, so I decided to use it as my inspiration to put together a inspiration board for fall men's fashion.

Plaid Shirt

First off, Sam is rocking the Plaid Work Shirt- a mainstay in mens fashion these days.

Adrian Collins- photo: Jon Janes

The plaid shirt really is a masculine staple, and is the one thing that men really own. They emulate an outdoorsy, gruff, pine-smelling man.  The pearl snaps add to the shirt by giving it that slight cowboy swagger. I am not totally sure if we will ever see then end of plaid for guys, I think it is one of those vintage mainstays.

Dark Jeans

Well, it wouldn't be a man blog post without talking jeans and we are completely throwing our support behind Canada's own Naked and Famous Jeans. A great raw, dark denim look without the silly, prefab wear and holes that come with mainstream jeans. Selvedge denim is a great choice for guys looking ot get more out of their jeans. Stiff at first, but with wear will in directly to your body.

Available in three styles: Skinny, Slim and Bootcut (weird guy), these fit a total range of sizes and fits. Totally recommended and available at Model Citizens today!

Recipe for a Cold Day: Stew!

My sister-in-law (who just had a sweet baby girl) is a chef in St. John's and she helped us prepare this great recipe for our wedding favours. I thought that since today is an awfully rainy, cold and damp day, that a stew might be the pick me up that y'all need. Feel free to replace the goat with lamb or beef, and please note that you should put in 2/3 cup of Guiness, not 23 cups.