Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday, Friday- Put on a Dress!

Cus it's Friday, lets play dress-up!

Check out this fantastic Nicole Miller cocktail dress and these sweet Steve Madden booties! This outfit rocks, and damn girls, it friday- put on a dress and get out on the town!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Model Citizens Easter/Reno Hours

Model Citizens Easter Hours:

Good Friday: CLOSED
Saturday: OPEN FROM 10-6
Easter Sunday: CLOSED
Easter Monday: CLOSED (RENO)

Spring Refresh Week

Spring Refresh Week

In the spirit of spring and all things new, Model Citizens will be undergoing a refit over the next week. In our efforts to keep serving you better, we will be closing down from
Easter Sunday, April 24th until Wednesday, April 27th.

During this time, we will be adapting our floorspace, changing up some colours and styles, and bringing in lots of new displays and inventory.

Model Citizens will be open as usual on April 23rd
, featuring a live music performance and lots of fun new items.
We will reopen on April 28th, ready to serve you with a whole new look and expanded selection.

We hope you can all make it through these few days, and we promise it will be more than worth the wait!
Model Citizens
183B duckworth st
St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador A1C 1G3
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Model Citizens | 183B duckworth st | St. John's | Newfoundland and Labrador | A1C 1G3 | Canada

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Model CItizens Latest Ad- For Your Viewing Pleasure

Designed by fantastical brain of Mike Mouland
Photos by brilliant Brian Ricks
Model is the beautiful Jen Brown

Model Clare Asquith is wearing a contemporary Marc Jacobs square tank with Drykorn for Beautiful People" cigarette pants. This outfit is so modern, so contemporary and such a fantastic look for this Spring. Cropped black cigarette pants are a must, and if you can pull it off, cropped square tops that sit at the natural waist looks so edgy and so modern.

Both items are in stock today- ask us when you come in if you can try the outfit on! 

Shot by Brian Ricks
Model: Clare Asquith

Monday, April 18, 2011

Model Citizens Photo of the Day: Viewmaster Vixen

Nicole is rockin fantastic acid wash vintage skinny jeans, v-neck blondie tee with an 80's cropped butterfly shirt over top. I love this look- although it is a young look, it is rough and rock and roll. It is a great way to make vintage look really contemporary. The viewmaster had a Thriller card in it which made that even more fun to play with. Shot by Brian "Acid Wash" Ricks. Model is the beautiful Nicole Fiander.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Model Citizens Photo of the Day! Bows and Flows of Angel Hair..

This is such a great picture of local actress Jennifer Brown. The big soft bow, coupled with her wild and curly hair is just sweet as pie and such a whimsical look for Spring 2011. Note the sheer, victorian-esque blouse- always a staple for spring- especially this year as the 70's are in full force. Shot by the incredible Brian Ricks (, Jen looks so cute you could eat her up! (and that cupcake too!)

Happy Friday Kiddies!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Winter Hair, Winter's Gone.

Hello Model Citizens, and happy Friday-Eve :). While I could write another (or a 1000 more) fashion blogs, today I really want to talk about hair. Winter is cold. Often, we forget that our skin is not the only thing we should be keeping extra warm when the temperatures are dipping.

After my last (not-so-hot) haircut in January, my hair's been spending a lot of time up. With the days getting (sightly) warmer and (slightly) dryer I am starting to feel the need to make a change in my look. A lot of people welcome in a new season with weather appropriate shoes and clothing but for me spring means a new 'do. Usually the trouble is just deciding which style to adopt but this time around my issue is a little different.

I did everything wrong this winter when it comes to my hair, even though I thought I was doing everything right. I gave up hot tools, including my blow dryer which I thought for sure would be a favor to any hair strand. My hair also spent more time up then down which I thought would both aid in growth, and in speeding up my mornings. Unfortunately, it was the wrong time of year for these good intentions. Giving up my hair dryer meant often I was leaving the house with dampness in my hair. Now this dampness in minus degree temps did more harm then the blow dryer, especially when paired with a headache inducing pony holder 7 days a week.

Grant it, my hair has grown longer then it's been since I was a child, and is for the most part healthy. It just feels... bizarre. And any damage I have now is new thanks to wet hair/the elements/electric heat. I have always heard  of "Winter Hair", and I am now experiencing it in full effect. A major hair cut is on the To Do list for this weekend, and the quest for the perfect shampoo/conditioner continues.

Frustrated and Frizzy,
ml xx

This photo from Refinery 29 sums up the look for Spring 2011. Feminine, strong, and very reminiscent of the '70's. And, this style hides any bad locks : )