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Model Citizens Odds and Ends SALE: Our Humble Abode Clearance!

Check out our sale table! Tons of awesome stuff from Our Humble Abode is being liquidated to make room for more amazing housewares in our special "OHA" section! Pick up a sweet thang for your apt or that item you have had your eye on! Price reductions up to 70% off and priced to sell! Hurry in, these items will not last!

Down with Denim

Double denim? I'm doubly down! While this trend has long been dubbed a serious fashion faux pas, acceptable to those only capable of lassoing a horse or attending a hoe down, major designers and stylists are saying YES this season. Embrace the denim on denim! And I agree.  Obviously I don't think anyone should be a rocking the "Traditional Canadian Tuxedo", or a go back to the denim pants suit (circa the early 2000's). However, playing with the 50 shades of denim and interesting pieces can make for an awesome casually cool look.

This look is super easy to pull off. I've paired a vintage Guess denim wrap dress (circa the 90's), with a super long grey knit vest. The jacket is vintage Marc by Marc Jacobs. The military style cut makes this longer denim jacket super hot. Paired with my favorite thing of the season- a vintage Coach satchel. We have a great selection of these in stock, and you should get one before they disappear! If you're following Coach at all you'll see many of the vintage styles reappearing in their Legacy line, so the original styles are becoming a hot commodity!

Happy Thursday everybody, we're open until 8 tonight. And remember- if you don't see it, can't find, or really, really want it- talk to us! If we don't have something for you in our magical wardrobe stash, let us add you to our wish list! Model Citizens aims to please :)