Friday, July 15, 2011

Channeling....The Virgin Suicides

Nicole is wearing a beauty vintage sheer babydoll dress that we all swooned over when it came in. It immediately reminded me of the Virgin Suicides (circa 1999). Check out a few still below:

The movie, directed by Sofia Coppola, tells the story of the five Lisbon sisters who are growing up in the suburbs during the 1970s. A group of boys try to piece together the Lisbon sisters’ story and attempt to learn about the mystique surrounding them. Fashion-wise, it has been such an inspiration for us at Model Citizens. Wispy, floaty and eerie, the 70's inspired southern styles are timeless and are angelic. The film is full of ethereal backlight and effortless otherworldly muted palettes and delicate floral patterns.

What's here? I could never write it all...

Hola amigos. Hope everyone's been having a splendid summer! St. John's is kind of wet today, but I think if we all unite together and think positively of the sun, we can change this weather (yes, I read The Secret). 

However, the weather has not slowed down the amount of tourists popping around town. This week I have had the pleasure of meeting happy faces from New York City, Texas, Vancouver, Ohio, Taiwan, and Tazmania, to name a few. Chatting with people and hearing what brings them to our little home is one of the biggest perks of working this awesome job.

Our most recent batch of NYC duds, or as we like to call it "Chelsey Genius", is moving faster then I can count! But no worries. There's lots more where that's come from- remember, we change things up just about every day! 
Oh, hello! Here's a small section of our dresses taken this am.

I wanted to blog today to tell anyone who's interested what is cooking here at Model Citizens. Gals- you will find frocks in citrus tones, both minimalist and frilly cuts. Floral patterns, big and small. Lots of tomato red. You will see some reoccurring trends from past seasons for Summer '11- lace, macrame, fabric embellishments and of course, the 70's/90's vibe. We have sweet denim, playsuits, flouncy skirts and great bags. 

In the jewelry cabinet we have a brand new shipment of Harriet Grey (personal favorite), and Jon Klar that's fresh out of the box. 
This is just  a portion of our fab Jon Klar! 

This is the outfit that I just styled on a mannequin- an easy, 40's inspired cotton dress with a bold 70's print in mustard and navy. The neck piece is a Harriet Grey beauty. Multiple strands of turquoise beads adds the perfect pop and this lovely vintage Longchamp leather makes this outfit the right amount of city chic.

Guys- I'm so pleased to say that we have the "Naked & Famous" denim line fully stocked for you! 3 cuts- Weird Guy, Slim Guy, Skinny. 3 colors. I LOVE seeing our boys happy, and happy they have been! We have brand new FluffyCo. graphic tee's, and plenty of snazzy and hip vintage.

I'm off to refresh the racks. It's FRIDAY people. Swing on by, you know we love seeing you and we'd hate for you to miss out on the fun!

xxx, ML

Monday, July 11, 2011

Model Citizens Vintage Photo of the Day!

Local Model/Actress/theatre professional Jenn Browne look absolutely stunning in this 70's peachy summer dress. Just adorable!
Shot by Brian Ricks

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sweeter Than Sweet Summer! Model Citizens Photo of the Day

These summertime beauties are (from left to right) Nicole Fiander, Clare Asquith and Jenn Browne. What a sweet shot for a beautiful day! Nicole is wearing a vintage eyelet blouse and Mochino skirt; Clare is wearing a vintage heart dress with vintage turquoise leather belt and Jenn is wearing a great 70's vintage summer dress.

Photo by Mr. Brian Ricks

Naked and Famous Denim Coming to Model Citizens- Saturday morning!