Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentines Fevah!

Screw Hibernating! February is for Flirting!

I am feeling the Valentines bug today- February doesn't feel so endless, it actually feels like I have a secret crush on it.

Imagine! A crush on February- like in Grade 8 when boys would diss you and then would ask you out? I think that is my relationship with February, a pubescent crush.

I complain about February, I whine about him, I make fun of his lacking of days (28- sheesh, a real man has 31), I dread seeing him on the calendar and worst of all, I show off when he is around by wearing hardy any clothes to spite his coldness.

But then this one day, I get all warm and silly inside and feel like giving him a big smack-erooo. But I stop and think- he isn't that bad, I love his snow days, drinking full pint of Guinness with him, playing endless games of cards with him, eating comfort food and sharing warm snuggles. I also love the way he sprinkles snow down and the way downtown feels when he is around- oh no! I think I am in love with February!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentines Craft Mayhem

Check These Awesome Necklaces Out!

Brought to you  by the Crafty Privateers and masterminds of Craft-ilicous Mayhem come these wicked hearts cut out of Vintage Vinyl Records! Priced between $14-$22 these badboys would make any indie sweetheart swoon!
Check them out in the store, or see more pics on our Facebook group!

Wednesdays in February

There are days that make me feel washed out and tired and then there are days like today that make my soul smile. Walking to work today, down the big steep hill to duckworth st and looking out over St. John's Harbour with a splintering sun shining down was just what I needed to start this day right. I cannot wait for the summer but I think this kind of winter will do for now.

One of the biggest challenges that I face daily is to keep up my level of excitement about the store and freshness that is needed. I think it has more to do with me rather than the store or the items in it- I would like to think that people are seeing fresh and new merchandise every time they step in the door. SO I am endlessly changing things.  When I feel short on ideas, I take a breather and talk to someone I care about  (generally family) and usually something new pops in. 

Keep it interesting and engaging and throw tastes of yourself throughout- words of wisdom for the day!

Happy 11th of Feb!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jump for Jumpsuits this Spring!

Let me present a fantastic Vintage piece by Michael Kors- this hot pink onezie! Absolutely love these jumpers, especially that heart shaped front. I am feeling optimistic Spring is coming and I can't wait to share Spring and Summer vintage with the world!