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Model Citizens Christmas Newsletter!

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cosy Christmas Feel to Cold Days

Grab an oversized knit sweater and a steamin' cup of coffee and you have yourself that wonderful cosy look for the holidays. Choose oatmeal, beige, cream, browns and greys colour to embrace the season's warmth.

Model: Miki Lee
Photographer: Brian Ricks
Locale: Upper Amherst Cove, NL

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Model Citizens Photo of the Day!

Look Ma! We Won!

Thanks so much to everyone for voting for Model Citizens for "Best Women's Clothing Store" in ST. John's for this year in the SCOPE! You guys absolutely rock!

Chelsey and MC Staff

Friday, December 9, 2011

One Outfit, Two ways: Keeping Warm While Keeping it Chic

This is such a fabulous outfit for any time of the year. Cropped cigarette pants have a place in every season these days and Christmas is no exception. We have a cropped, structured Marc Jacobs top and fantastic Burberry cropped pants.

Fearing the chill? You can always wear your warm clothes and boots there, and switch into your awesome shoes when you get to the party. Cropped pants are designed to show off your legs and shoes. Takes two seconds and it is easier than matching a cocktail outfit with mukluks. 

Too Cold? Putting a great jacket over any tank brings warmth and a great structured look to the outfit. This stark white Coach jacket is the perfect addition to this outfit. The hat is not half bad either.. kitty is optional.

Metallics: How to Rock the Christmas Season

It seems every Christmas season, retail store see it fit to pack their stores with glitz and sequins. For years I always asked, "Why?!" It has nothing to do with trends or fashion runways- people want a bit of sparkle during the holiday season, so the retail stores oblige. 

At Model Citizens, there are different levels of sequins. There are sequins for those who want vintage 80's sparkle (almost on the edge of irony),  those who want jewel tone tops to match with a bit of bling and those who go all out sparkle. 

In this photo, Model Citizens wants to show how to take a big and bold top and make it work so you will stand out but not stick out (if you know what I mean). On its own, this JCREW metallic top is wild  and hard to envision as an outfit. Think of metallics as a part of the neutral family. We paired this top with a skinny pair of JBrand black jeans and a pair of velvet pumps. The skinny belt brings it all together and makes an difficult, seemingly Christmas top chic and understated.

Check out this whole outfit at Model Citizens today! But remember, we only have one of each...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Bit of Family History..

I posted this last year and I wanted to give it a bit more attention to tell our readers about how special this photograph is. This is my Mom's (Celina) family at Christmas time in Northern Quebec, in a small village called, "La Tabatiere". My mom is the small girl with the big brown eyes in the middle standing up. She must have been maybe 5 years old in this photo, since the photo is from 1962.

 It is amazing when you look at a photo and it really speaks to you. This photo embodies the holiday season- family, togetherness, humility and everything so important for the holidays. I almost feel like I can't totally put it into words, but since I am starting my own family these days (yes, I am pregnant!) seeing this  picture makes me so excited to have a family of my own and appreciative of the amazing upbringing that she had, and my dad had and subsquently passed on to us.

Model Citizens Christmas Video Pick! The Muppets!

It isn't Christmas without Jon Denver and the Muppets! Enjoy everyone! We are in the MOOD down here at Model Citizens!

Nothing says christmas like.....

A Lil' bit of Lace!

We have paired this great lace overlay tunic with a skinny, narrow pant and a pair of vintage Manolo Blahniks! Perfect for the holiday house party or afternoon cup o' cheer!

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Monday, December 5, 2011

New Reworked Vintage Dresses, Leather Goods and Fun Gifts for All!

Sweetest Lil' Coin Purse: Our Humble Abode (nextdoor to MC): $13.00

Kick-ass Alpine Backpacks: Model Citizens $68.00

Reworked Vintage Dress: $49.00

Reworked Vintage Dress: $49.00

Reworked Leather coin purses and bigger purses: $13.50-23.00
Model Citizens and Our Humble Abode

AWESOME SATCHEL: Beautiful unisex satchel- only one in stock! $125.00
Only at Model Citizens!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Model Citizens Favourite Things!

Poem by the fantastic, ever-creative and Julie Andrews super fan, Mari-Lynn Taylor
Model: Jenn Brown
Photographer: Brian Ricks

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Vintage 80's Sequinned Tops: Why They are a Hipster Holiday Staple

My favourite vintage piece these days are definitely the 80's and 90's sequinned tops. Not only are they often silk, they have so much detail and work put into them. They are also perfect for the holidays!

Sparkle and shine at every event with one of these sweet tops and pair them with skinny jeans and boots or shorts and tights! Nan will be proud (cause she wore them in the 80s to parties) and you will not only look chic, but also jingle a bit when you enter the room.