Tuesday, August 2, 2016

InstaLove: Claire Marshall

I don't know about you guys but I develop girl crushes on people on the Internet frequently. I follow my crush on every social media platform and basically stalk their life (in the least creepy way possible). Right now my girl crush is totally Claire Marshall. I mean just look at her!

Claire is a Makeup Artist turned YouTuber (I'm not exactly sure if that's a real word. I may have possibly just made it up...moving on) who is currently living in LA with her cat, Bruce Lee. Claire posts beauty, fashion and lifestyle videos on her channel, but the content she creates is really different from most people on YouTube. Check out her video "hey, it's me" and you'll understand what I mean. Claire usually posts new videos every Monday, but for everyone who needs a daily dose of Claire in their lives (me), you can find her on Snapchat. I would actually highly recommend following Claire on Snapchat because she is really hilarious and her cat is friggan adorable. Plus, she often does fun things like opening her mail-which is actually much more interesting then when you or I open mail. 

I love her style. I love her tattoos. I love her videos. I love her vibe. Basically, I just love everything about her and if you're looking for someone new to follow on Instagram or on YouTube give Claire a try! Also, if you have a girl crush on Claire like me, or if you if you check her out after this post, let me know! We can obsess over her together. 

Snapchat: heyclairehey


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