Friday, September 23, 2016

Fashion Friday: How to Style Bandanas

Bandanas were the hottest trend at Cochella earlier this year and the trend shows no sign of slowing down as we head into Fall and Winter. There are thousands of bandana images on Pintrest and you can find them on the Instagram feed of every major style influencer, but you might be thinking "how the heck to do I wear these things?!?" Well, we're here to help! Below you'll find a couple of easy ways to add a bandana into your wardrobe.

The bandana that I'm using in this post is the navy Classic Bandana Scarf from Wet Seal, but you can find similar ones in town at Opal & Onyx, Envy, Garage, American Eagle just to name a few. 

My preferred way to wear bandanas is tied onto my purse or bag. 
This style is super Americana 
You can also roll the bandana up tight and wear it like a thick choker...
...or leave it loose and tie it in the front.
You can also try adding a vintage broach instead of tying...  
....or you can wear your bandana on your head to keep your hair out of your face!
Whatever your personal style, bandanas are a fun (and easy!) trend to try! 

Thank you guys so much for reading this post and if you're rocking a bandana this fall please tag us in your Insta pic because we would love to see it!

Have a great weekend babes



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