Wednesday, June 8, 2016

InstaLove: Woolies Crochet & Furs

As you can probably tell from the title of this post, Woolies Crochet and Furs is a business that creates crochet and fur products. What you might not know is that these products are lovingly handmade by our friend, and fellow Newfoundlander, Genelle Butler.

Genelle originally started crocheting hats and scarves for her friends and family, but decided to turn her hobby into a business after realising how in demand her products were. Over the past year or so Genelle has expanded her product portfolio to include crochet slippers with fur poms, as well as snapbacks, bag charms and most recently, jewellery! 

Genelle's original product: crochet hat with fur poms

Crochet scarf with fur poms

One of many colorful fur bag charms Genelle created for our 8th birthday

Genelle's most recent creation: fur pom jewellery

Crochet slippers with fur poms

Brightly colored fur waiting to be turned into one of Genelle's many products

100% Coyote fur pom snapback 

If you're looking to purchase for any of these amazing products, you can find them at our little shop or at the Craft Council on Duckworth Street. Genelle also sells her products at various craft fairs and markets throughout the year. Any inquiries can be sent via the Woolies Crochet and Fur Facebook page. 
Genelle recently created an Instagram account for her Woolies products and it would be great if you guys could show her some love by giving her a follow!


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