Thursday, January 17, 2013

Golden Globes Worst Dressed 2013

Normally we don't focus on the negative here at Model Citizens but Awards season can be the exception. Now, lets be clear- we are not punishing those who took risks because you can't fault those going out on a limb. We are picking those that we felt just missed the mark and often, played it too safe/boring.

Lucy Liu I hate to rag on you for this one. It was a great risk but I wish this was a short dress with sharp structured cap sleeves and above the knee. This fabric is very Laura Ashley and is a hot print right now but is whimsical, so it needs to be treated as such. It could have been so cool but it was so bad. Also, the print was made for a younger, hipster girl in her 20's (as a short dress, not in its current state). Kudos for taking a risk but boo-uns on the result.
I would normally like this Lea Michelle dress if it wasn't for the horrid faux tan she has. It has the right colour and texture but the barbie-esq vibe to the neck and the slit makes it goofy looking. Also, far too long and makes the outfit seem quite squat, instead of elongating her leg. 
Jessica Chastain, I love this choice. I think the colour is wonderful, the loose but minimalistic vibe is excellent and the accessories are great. Why didn't your tailor/stylist catch the oversized nature of the breast area? I am sad you are on this list as I love the dress, it just is not right in the boobs. If something is a bit editorial in nature, be careful as it may not translate in real life. Calvin Klein collection

Taylor Swift's Donna Karan dress ended up on most 'Best Dressed" lists but I feel that it belongs squarely on the Worst Dressed and here is why: the straps and the back. Not only is this dress boring, it is dated in a weird way. The neckline, straps and back is very reminiscent of the late 90's/early 2000's "Friends" era of dress. Of course she wouldn't know because I am not sure she was even born at that time. The train is over-done and the peek-a-boo side is just lame. The colour is a bit on the brown side in this photo and the make-up and hair are really under-done.

Why are people trying to wear dresses that are half bathing suit? Eva Longoria, shame. Short people do not have to do that. I really dislike this dress on so many levels.

Jennifer Lawrence looks beauty and was getting flack for the editorial nature of the madonna-esq breast on this Dior Couture dress but I have a bigger issue: the ballroom skirt starts in a really terrible place. As you make have guessed, I really do not like the ballroom princess skirt but this is just not right. Also, the dress needed to be steamed. It was a big moment for a beautiful girl and I was majorly disappointed. I would be inclined to stick to sleeker looks- like the red Calvin Klein dress from the GG's a couple of years ago.
Sienna Miller, definitely worst dressed. I can't even begin to describe how bad this dress is. What a goofy choice: the flowers and the shape and the colour are ridiculous. She has such great style normally and I am not sure where this even fits on the spectrum of bad choices.

And the WORST dressed of the night goes to Halle Berry (Sienna Miller, I am looking at you- close 2nd)

Britney Spears era, one shoulder sheer graphic gown= epic 2000's fail.
She is a beautiful woman with a fantastic body and she looks like she was plucked from a really bad era of ultra low-rise pants and thongs over pants with short lace shirts. Christina Aguilera circa "Dirty" era: eat your heart out.

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