Monday, May 21, 2012

Men's Fashion Bulletin

Summer is fast approaching and with it the opportunity to shed the cumbersome layers of winter. So what does that mean? No more wool coats and heavy winter jackets. No more gloves and mits, and surely no more scarves. You can even get away with just one sweater after 6!

It's about time to enjoy the sunshine and and get a tan. Take a walk on a rocky beach with flip flops on. Wear some shorts. Hell, maybe even throw on a sleeveless shirt. Let Model Citizens be your guiding light.. to the shining light.

So what have we got in store for the long days of summer.

The ever-popular FluffyCo tee. We've been carrying this San Francisco based company for years and really, the prints and quality of shirt keep people coming back for more. A great option for hot summer days.

Cargo shorts to expose your lilly white legs to the masses.

Plaid: because plaid isn't seasonal.

Oxfords, because unfortunately we still need to work during the summer. Unless you're a teacher and in that case I'm not sure what shenanigans you get up to. Something scholarly, no doubt. Either way, a great shoe to wear out for supper.

Speaking of which, a corduroy jacket would make a great match for some oxford shoes. Add elbow patches for equal parts foppish and bookishness.

Most important of all though are the interesting, one of a kind items that are great for any day or season of the year! Stop by Model Cit any day for a look yourself.

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