Thursday, December 1, 2016

InstaLove: Jane Down the Lane

Keeping on trend with featuring brands that we're now carrying at Model Citizens, today's post is about Jane Bonia, the woman behind Jane Down the Lane jewelry. 

Jane is a born and breed Newfoundlander who started designing jewelry in Montreal, QC. 
Starting as a production worker for French-Canadian Designer 'Renee Levesque', Jane eventually worked her way up to Wholesale-Production Manager/ Designer which is when discovered her passion for jewelry design. 
After moving back home to St.John's Newfoundland, Jane joined forces with colleague Meghynn Norman to form JaM Jewellery which became a trend around town. Although the brand was starting to gain popularity, Jane decided to say goodbye to JaM and focus on her solo project, and current brand, Jane Down the Lane. 
One of the many amazing things about Jane is that she offers free repairs on any and all of her products-no limitations. It's just one of the many reasons her brand is so unique.
In addition to repairs on her own design collections, Jane also does custom designs and special orders. Just something to think about with Christmas fast approaching!
You can find Jane on Facebook and  Instagram. All of the pieces featured in this post are from Jane's current collections which are available at Model Citizens (both in-store and online).



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